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There are so many very talented skateboard photographers out there and yeah, I will not be able to reach some of the very best for this project. Some say it’s too bad, some say you should have tried this, tried that and you guessed it, the list goes on. And event then there will always be that one photographers that should have been included…the good thing about doing a project you started yourself? You don’t have to adhere to goals, rules and boundaries set up else where. And that’s one big part of the fun.

So let me get on with it – just this past weekend say the opening of the very promising “Rolling Through The Shadows” exhibition in the Leica Gallery in Los Angeles. If you like your skateboard photography and you can make it there, then you will be able to admire some work of Anthony Acosta, Ray Barbee, Joe Brook, Thomas Campbell, Jerry Hsu, Jon Humphries, Greg Hunt, Atiba Jefferson, Dennis McGrath, Fred Mortagne, Arto Saari, Ed Templeton and Tobin Yelland. That’s quite a line up!

The exhibition runs until March 31st, 2016 the Leica Gallery in LA ( 8783 Beverly Boulevard, West Hollwoood, California ). It’s open every day of the week from 10am – 6pm except Sunday from 12pm – 5pm.

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