Silas Baxter-Neal In Words

Silas Baxter-Neal is a skater with deep roots to where he comes from, the Northwest of the USA. In the recent interview by Joey Shigeo for The Skateboard Mag, Silas got together with his long-time friend and great photographer Jon Humphries to create some amazing photographs all taken in Portland, Oregon.

Head over to The Skateboard Mag for the good read and photos!

The DGK and Mike Blabac Photo ’99 Collection

There is not much that has to be told by me about the history and the skateboarding roots of the legendary Love Park in Philadelphia, USA. Back in 1999 Mike Blabac shot the portrait of the legendary skaters Stevie Williams and Josh Kalis in front of the iconic Love Park “monument” and together DGK a capsule product collection featuring two decks and a t-shirt (black and white) has been released.

Love Park may be gone but the past is not forgotten. Check out the capsule over on the Kayo website.

Shoot All Skaters – Skin Phillips

Sure wish I could have gotten Skin Phillips in the printed United Skateboard Photography Project book but you can’t get them all! Check out this video clip which gives us some insights into how Skin went through over three decades of being a skateboard photographer and some of his experiences. Truly a legend in skateboard photography!

Eazy E – The Matt Miller Photo

Matt Miller is one of the greats in photography when it comes to having been a large influence on the creation of rap album covers and capturing many of the big names in the scene on film – and I mean analogue photographs with that.

One of the best photos is with Eazy E squatting in parking lot of Ruthless Records with one hand holding the nose of his 101 Natas Kaupas pro model and his other hand holding a gun. Asphalt Yacht Club have put together a capsule clothing collection with this photo, check it out here…

Leica Exhibition – Rolling Through The Shadows

There are so many very talented skateboard photographers out there and yeah, I will not be able to reach some of the very best for this project. Some say it’s too bad, some say you should have tried this, tried that and you guessed it, the list goes on. And event then there will always be that one photographers that should have been included…the good thing about doing a project you started yourself? You don’t have to adhere to goals, rules and boundaries set up else where. And that’s one big part of the fun. Read more