Spike Jonze Special Deck Series by Girl Skateboards

A little skateboard history for those who don’t know it: Spike Jonze is not only a well-known movie director/writer. He’s worked with many famous artists like the Beastie Boys, Sonic Youth or Bjork and he is also a talented photographer. Oh yeah, he’s also a co-founder of Girl Skateboards.

Combine both and you get a special deck series featuring five of his images with the artists mentioned above as well as a photo of Nirvana and the singer Karen O. The decks will be availabel for purchase starting March 7th 2016

Jacob Messex and Filmus 3

Jacob Messex may still a relatively young man but his experience behind the lense packs quite a punch. As a staff photographer at The Skateboard Mag and working alongside the likes of Grant Brittain, Atiba and Matt Price, you can be sure he’s really good at what he does.

LA born and bred, he has an eye for skateboarding and special moments. Just recently he released a photography book entitled Filmus 3 at his third annual Filmus photo show which grasps his love for analogue photography and shares it with us all.

When the site is working, you can order a copy here: http://store.filmuszine.com/product/filmus3

Steven Andrew Garcia filmed the video below – Hellchild – for The Berrics which profiles Jacob Messex. Check out more of his work on Instagram @jacobmessex

Skin Phillips – Support Your Roots

I got to admit that it really put a smile on my face and brought back a lot of memories when I heard about Skin Phillips getting his own special-edition adidas sneaker, The Skate. I grew up seeing his photos, my father was born in Wales and I lived in Swansea for three years so I know the good and tough sides of the city. Originally this sneaker debuted in 1978 and is now being released as part of adidas’ “Respect Your Roots” tribute series, which pays homage to skateboard icons.


The video shows how much dedication you can have to anything without thinking about getting anything other than your own satisfaction back. That’s what it’s all about with skateboarding and Skin lives it still after over 30 years of being involved.

Helge Tscharn Collab Decks With Drop Dead Skateboards

For skateboard photography fans around the globe Helge Tscharn is a name you just know. Especially here in Germany where I’m located Helge was one of THE most influential photographers in skateboarding with over two decades of work at the Monster Skateboard Magazine and of course a lot of other projects.

In 2006 he moved to Brazil where he has been able to continue his work with skateboarding, just with a lot less stress. And now he has worked together with Drop Dead Skateboards on a collabo deck series featuring some of his photography work. Deck sizes range in width from 8.0 to 8.5 and you can order them right in the Drop Dead Online Shop!

Make sure you visit Helge Tscharn’s website for more photos and an extensive video interview series…

Alaska Bound and Down with Jonathan Mehring

Alaska Bound and Down is a really well filmed and edited video featuring a highly talented group of skaters who connected with skateboard photographer Jonathan Mehring to obviously make a skate tour through Alaska. The scenary and skating is amazing and make sure you check out Jonathan’s photos on the Red Bull website – great as always. And if all works out, I’ll be interviewing him as well soon!

>> Click here for the Alaska Down and Bound story & photos by Jonathan Mehring…

Starring: Thaynan Costa, Justin Brock, Bobby Worrest, Marius Syvanen and Daryl Angel.

Alaska Bound and Down – DIRECTORS CUT from MARINO on Vimeo.