Silas Baxter-Neal In Words

Silas Baxter-Neal is a skater with deep roots to where he comes from, the Northwest of the USA. In the recent interview by Joey Shigeo for The Skateboard Mag, Silas got together with his long-time friend and great photographer Jon Humphries to create some amazing photographs all taken in Portland, Oregon.

Head over to The Skateboard Mag for the good read and photos!

The DGK and Mike Blabac Photo ’99 Collection

There is not much that has to be told by me about the history and the skateboarding roots of the legendary Love Park in Philadelphia, USA. Back in 1999 Mike Blabac shot the portrait of the legendary skaters Stevie Williams and Josh Kalis in front of the iconic Love Park “monument” and together DGK a capsule product collection featuring two decks and a t-shirt (black and white) has been released.

Love Park may be gone but the past is not forgotten. Check out the capsule over on the Kayo website.

Elijah Akerley filmed by Coburn Huff

Coburn Huff has been a member of this project for a long time. He also does A LOT of other creative work in skateboarding and this latest welcome video for Elijah Akerley to Vagrant Skateboards out of San Diego was filmed and edited by Coburn himself.

Cool edit and some really rad skateboarding by Elijah so check it out!

In Focus – Moto Shibata

An event like the Vert Attack X in Malm√∂, Sweden always leaves that vert skateboarding “buzz” in your mind and body for many days after it’s all over. It’s part of the magic of skateboarding and especially for skaters who at one time in the past walked into a vert ramp for the first time and started to ride it. You never forget it and you just want to keep doing it. Read more

Chris Joslin and the Davis Gap

It is stories like these that make skateboarding so fascinating and never boring. A huge gap which has been conquered only by a handful of skaters and Chris Joslin made it his mission to do a 360 flip at the Davis gap.

Just watching him fly down and bail / slam time after time shows how much dedication is involved in making a trick like this. Have a look at “My War: Chris Joslin” – this is a skateboarding story that will be remembered for a long time.